Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spirits Rejoice Revisited

A couple months ago, I picked up the 2006 ESP remastered "Spirits Rejoice."

When I commented on this album previously, I noted that I had only heard MP3 files of an earlier release.  At that time, I mentioned that I was not that impressed with the sound quality.  Last week, while running along a forested trail in northern Wisconsin I finally had a chance to really listen to the 2006 release (on headphones).  Maybe it was the clean air, maybe it was the uplifting charge I get from running, maybe my spirit was rejoicing in the sounds and smells of spring in the forest of northern Wisconsin - most likely it was all of these things - but this album has never sounded better to me.  Truly transformative music.  The sound quality of the remaster is astoundingly better than the previous release.  Go buy it if you have never heard it.  If you have heard it, replace your old version.  Do it now. 

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